We offer disassembly service etc.

When space is rare or modernization is required, old technology must be removed from your plant.

Whether warehouse, machinery, industrial plant or building. We are at your disposal with the right technology and dismantling specialists. We are gladly available for you by phone on +49 (0) 2861 68 53 00.

Our dismantling teams are usually completely self-sufficient, which means that after inspecting the machine it is clarified beforehand what needs to be disassembled and what tools are needed for disassembly (for example, transporters, special hooks, load racks, ropes, transport rollers and landing gear etc.).

We carry out the planning. Subsequently, the smooth dismantling takes place, whereby your current production is disturbed as little as possible. The advantage is that there are no delays in crane appointments and removal of the machine.

We are happy to organize your transport of the machine. Our experienced employees plan the collection and removal of the machine including accessories. We rely on our long time partners in the forwarding industry, which transport such machines every day. No crane or forklift is? Do not worry the Amikon GmbH got your back and will order a forklift or crane.

The process works like this:

Your request will be sent to us. You will receive a prompt reply (whether by phone or e-mail is always different), if we are interested in the machines and offer a disassembly. If you are satisfied with our offer, we will work together to find a solution how to proceed. We gladly organize disassembly and transport! Send us an email with as much information as possible to verkauf@amikon.de or
call +49 (0) 2861 68 53 00.
We the Amikon GmbH are looking forward to your offer and are certain we will come to an agreement.

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